Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 6 Issue 1
2000-03 発行

ラオ人の帰属意識 【研究ノート】

Identities of Lao in Thailand and Laos
山下 明博
The Lao people range from the Kingdom of Thailand to the Lao People's Democratic Republic. Their mothertongue is the Lao language. The Lao people is the dominant ethnic group in Laos. Therefore, Lao gains the status of national language inLaos by national policies. In other words, the Lao language is the predominant language in Laos. On the other hand, the Lao people is under the control of the Thai ethnic group in Thailand. The Thai languagegains the position of national language and the Lao language is only one of the regional languages in Thailand. Inother words, the Lao language is the subordinate language in Thailand.