Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 6 Issue 1
2000-03 発行

The Status of Environmental Education in Sweden : A Comparative Study between Sweden and Japan 【Article】

Shimizu, Maki
Tanaka, Haruhiko
The investigation on Environmental Education (EE) in Sweden and in Japan was done through fieldstudies and surveys. The results revealed that (1) EE predominantly exists within the sciences and socialstudies, and (2) there is a big difference between the informal/nonformal EE in the two countries; inSweden, informal/nonformal education is more substantial than in Japan. Thus, this paper is a compari-son of EE's current status in both Sweden and Japan, in hopes of finding ideal ways of promoting EE inboth countries. International cooperation in the field of EE and of the transfer of research results to anyrelevant countries is essential in making the world an environmentally educated community.