Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 27 Issue 1-2
2021-03-01 発行

改革開放以降の中国高等教育における大陸外中国人の中国観の変化 : 東南沿海部二大学学生のキャンパスライフに焦点を当てて

Hong Kong, Macao and HuaQiao university students’ perception towards China of change after China’s open-door policy: Case studies of campus life in two universities in Southeast of China
The purpose of this study is to exam how Campus life make a influence on non-manliand students’ (Hong Kong, Macau, Huaqiao students) perception of china. A modified framework of college impact theory was used for data analyzing. Data collection was conducted at HuaQiao university and KiNan university in mainland China. The two universities aim to enhancing a sense of belong with China of the target group through various former curriculum and extra-curriculum. By interviewing with 30 nonmainland students, the author found that not only extra activities but also communication with mainland-students and local people contribute to their positive perception to China, especially in ethic cultural and economic sphere. However, negative feeling regarding to cultural and social differences as well as gap of social development also enhanced during their university life. More pro-western context and democratic elements are expected to adopted by universities for enhancing their positive attitude towards China.
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