Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 25 Issue 1・2
2019-03-01 発行

中国の高等教育における大陸外中国人学生に対する思想教育カリキュラムの機能に関する研究 : 福建省華僑大学の機能変容を軸に

Ideological education of non-mainland Chinese students in China: a case study of HuaQiao university in Fujian province
Zhuang, Yu
This paper examines the efforts of the People’s Republic of China, designing and completing ideological education for Chinese students which come from Hong Kong, Macao and Overseas in Higher education sector in Mainland China, attempting to achieve the goal of strengthen national identity of the target people. A case study has been conducted in HuaQiao university of Fujian Province. 111 participants from those target areas joined questionnaire survey, 30 participants joined the interview survey in the year 2015. As a result, we argue that the curriculum focus specifically on the ethnic-cultural qualities, presents relatively weak ideological input. The diversified Chinese cultural activities held by the university show a positive effect on students’ National identity construction. However, the classroom practices make a relatively negative effect on their identity construction.
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