Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 25 Issue 1・2
2019-03-01 発行

Living in Danger: Exploring the Culture of Disaster of the Ati Peoples in Bicol, Philippines

Labayo, Czarina Ceballo
The Ati peoples, known for their nomadic culture and knowledge on traditional medicine are precariously living along the foot of the active volcanic-mountain Mayon that has been proclaimed as a “danger zone”. Rather than live in the resettlement area provided by the local government, they stay in the danger zone where they are faced with day-to-day danger brought about by their surroundings. While this study reveals the Ati peoples’ culture of disaster as manifested in their architectural adaptation, agricultural practices, and cultural practices, it also tackles their perceptions about the concept of danger, considerations for living in the dangerous area, and their significant contributions in the local community.
coping strategies
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