Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 23 Issue 1・2
2017-03-01 発行

ザンビア共和国における理科の授業研究協議会の実態と課題 : 発話のカテゴリー分析と質的分析を用いて

Current Status and Challenges of Science Lesson Study Discussion in Zambia : Analysis by Categorization of Contents and Qualitative Approaches
Nakazato, Haruna
The purpose of this paper is to investigate current status and challenges of the lesson study discussion in Zambia. Nine cases of the post discussion on a subject of secondary science were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively through (1) categorizing what they discussed, (2) clearing the dependency on an evaluation sheet, (3) detecting the discussion of lesson objective and (4) detecting a critical reflection. Firstly, the categories consist of “Teacher”, “Student”, “Contents”, “Facilitation language” and “Others”. Overall, “others” occupy most time than any other categories in a discussion. It includes discussion such as confirming the way of lesson study and how to use the evaluation sheet. Furthermore, these topics were not generated based on what they observed in the lesson. Actually they were supposed to be understood before. This is the result which no one has ever pointed out before. Comparing the case of secondary school with that of primary school, the former spent much more time than the latter. Again the time taken for “others” was also more in secondary schools. Secondary, the teachers tend to share the final judgement in the evaluation without discussing its reasons. Thirdly, a lesson objective was not discussed enough and the teachers tend to evaluate the lesson positively on the evaluation sheet. Lastly, critical discussion hardly occurred. The result of analysis lead to the following two suggestions: (1) teachers should intentionally talk about the reasons and the process of their final judgement on the evaluation sheet; and (2) teachers should keep questioning critically the viewpoints of lesson evaluation so that they will be able to renew and reconstruct the ideal image of lessons for sure. For the further tasks, provisions to the identified challenges should be investigated to improve the quality of lesson study discussion.
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