Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 18 Issue 1
2011-12-01 発行

紛争後社会における小型武器回収の意義 : シエラレオネの『武器と開発との交換』を事例として <原著論文>

The Significance of Small Arms Collection in the Post-conflict Society : The Case of "Arms for Development" in Sierra Leone <Article>
Tokumitsu, Yujiro
There has been little discussion about evaluation of small arms collection in post-conflict societies. It is indispensable, however, to tackle this issue to deepen the related discussion as well as to refine the policy of this kind.

The author of this paper implemented field research in Sierra Leone to hear evaluation of the recipients about "Arms for Development (AfD)" by conducting the interview and questionnaire. The first part of the paper will examine the significances of the AfD in the context of post-conflict peacebuilding, with making use of the outcomes of the fieldwork. The second part of the paper will then examine especially "the psychological impacts," which have been so far pointed out as some of the significances but have not been examined. The AfD partially contributed to change of mindsets of the community members and dissolution of prejudice of the receiving community members against ex-combatants, which bring a significant implication to evaluation of other cases.