Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 15 Issue 1・2
2009-03-31 発行

ザンビア後期基礎教育における数学科授業分析の研究 : 教師・生徒の言語活動を中心に <原著論文>

Lesson Analysis of Mathematics at Upper Basic Education in Zambia : Focusing on Verbal Interaction between Teacher and Students <Articles>
Ikeya, Takuto
This study aims at improving the quality of lessons; for this purpose, forcing on actual situation of communications between the teacher and students in mathematics lessons. Besides considering teachers and students awareness for communications as their background, the research also tried to find out how it affects actual lessons. To grasp such communication aspect, lesson analysis, questionnaire and interviews were conducted. The following findings were being highlighted.

Regarding students, they felt it difficult to share their answers and opinions in the class due to their anxieties caused by their English ability and reaction of audience. Those anxieties might affect the students' behaviors in class, which could lead to students' reluctance to participate in the class.

Regarding teachers, they realized that most of students encountered difficulties to take part in class because of their English ability. At the same time, teachers were feeling limitations to let students involve in class. Though lesson analysis, we could see a lot of positive behaviors attempting to have students involve in class. However, it seemed there had not been adequate supports to reducing students' anxieties.

This research found that it is important to find effective ways to descent student's anxiety for making mistake in the lessons.