Journal of International Development and Cooperation
Volume 14
Issue 3
Date of Issue:2008-03-31
current number
ISSN : 1341-0903
Publisher : Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
Proposal for the establishment of Japan's International Environmental Cooperation <Research Notes>
Yamashita, Teppei;
PP. 1 - 20
Consideration of International Cooperation for Sustainable Development : Focus to GDP growth, Efficiency of CO2 exhaust and Governance <Research Notes>
Yamashita, Teppei;
PP. 21 - 39
Application of the DPSIR+C Framework for Combating Desertification in Mongolia <Article>
Komatsu, Satoru;
PP. 41 - 55
Incentive System for Enviromental Innovation : Reward versus Intellectual Property Rights <Article>
Goto, Daisaku;
PP. 71 - 90