Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 10 Issue 2
2004-03 発行

「トンム(동무)」に関する社会言語学的考察 : 中国朝鮮族の文学作品における言語生活を中心に 【原著論文】

On Tongmu from the perspective of social linguistics : With A focus on its uses in the literary works by Korean Chinese writers
孫 蓮花
This paper takes Tongmu appearing in literature works as an example, through analyzing the use and evolution of it and its relevance with social relationships in Korean Chinese language and life, it explores one aspect of the address term Tongmu.The results of this investigation are:First, as an address term, Tongmu was used only among communists before the establishment of the People's Republic of China. After that, it gradually took root in Korean Chinese society. Not only Communist Party members, but also people of different genders, ages and status, utilized it. It became a very popular address term in society as a whole and was used steadily until the 1980s. Moreover, its range of use enlarged and even couples began to it. However, after diplomatic relations between China and Korea were built in 1992, the frequency of its use began to decrease...