Journal of International Development and Cooperation Volume 10 Issue 2
2004-03 発行

A comparative analysis of academic staff's academic performance between autonomous and public universities in Thailand 【Article】

Rungratsamee, Sombat
This study examines the academic performance of the academic staff in autonomous and public uni-versities in the areas of teaching and research activities. The study aims to prove that there are differ-ences between the two types of universities. An independent-sample t-test approach was employed tomeasure those differences. The study revealed that there are statistically significant differences betweenthe performance in the two types of universities in terms of the number of research projects, the mone-tary amount of research grants supported by both government and private sectors, the number of acade-mic publications in international-level journals, the number of presentations at international-level con-ferences, and the number of academic books written. But with respect to the number of graduate stu-dents under academic supervision, the extent of teaching loads (quantified by credit units), the numberof academic publications in national-level journals and the number of presentations at national-levelconferences, and the employability of graduates, there are no significant differences.