Journal of International Development and Cooperation
Volume 10
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2004-03
current number
ISSN : 1341-0903
Publisher : Graduate School for International Development and Cooperation, Hiroshima University
A contrastive study on politeness of the reference terms for the third person and the predicates in Japanese and Korean
林 炫情; Fukami, Kanetaka;
PP. 13 - 27
On the use of the Japanese personal pronouns by the Taiwanese learners of Japanese focusing on the first personal pronouns
曾 儀婷;
PP. 29 - 47
On the relative order of the subject in quotative expressions in Japanese : On the basis of modern Japanese novels and their Korean translations
金 龍;
PP. 49 - 65
On Tongmu from the perspective of social linguistics : With A focus on its uses in the literary works by Korean Chinese writers
孫 蓮花;
PP. 83 - 98
An investigation into project content and evaluation of international cooperationin the field of physical education and sport in Lao
柾本 伸悦;
PP. 151 - 161
Swedish international development in basic education and its evaluation
岡部 かおり;
PP. 163 - 178
Pestalozzi's educational thought and local Community geography education in the national schools of the Ministry of Education and the Chosen Governor Seat
沈 正輔;
PP. 179 - 191