Journal of Hiroshima University Archives Issue 20
2018-02-28 発行

一般教育の基礎概念に関する考察 : 自由学芸と教育学の連続的把握

Basic Concept of General Education: Continual Consideration of Liberal Arts and Pedagogy
Shizuki, Takashi
General higher education converts and combines conflicts Alternatives and Universal matches them through cultural integration that promotes mutual adaptation among new and existing cultural elements. General higher education attempts such mutual adaptation among new and existing cultural elements between liberal arts and pedagogy in a crosssectional manner. However, pedagogy is classified academically into professional education while general education is considered liberal arts provided within the curriculum. The theory of curriculum is associated with a range of social reforms because the arrangement and range are considered as foundations. This suggests that comprehensive adaptation among new and existing cultural elements, which are the subjects of general education, are required over broad ranges or fields. However, this suggestion also forms the proposition that pedagogy applies to the subject range of mutual adaptation among new and existing cultural elements. In this study, we seek to identify keys to draw a contrast between the range of social reforms with the theory of curriculum, sociology, and educational sociology, and discuss the basic concepts of general education.
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