Journal of Hiroshima University Archives Issue 19
2017-02-28 発行


Analysis of Website Access to the Hiroshima University Archives
Saito, Takumi
I analyzed the website of the Hiroshima University Archives with Google Analytics covering a period from 2015 to 2014. The average annual number of page views was approximately 50,000. The number of page views was highest in October-January and April-September. These are the periods when classes are held in universities. When analyzed according to day of the week, there were fewer page views on Friday-Sunday compared with Monday-Thursday. With regard to types of page, there were many top pages and offered subject pages. There were many page views of the Morito Tatsuo documentary catalog and a corporation documentary catalog. Higashihiroshima city and Hiroshima city accounted for 50% of the sessions according to the area. New visitors made up 35% of the users, and 65% were repeaters. The commonly used search terms included words indicating Hiroshima University and Hiroshima University archives and words indicating the record school in Hiroshima University and related persons. Other commonly used ambiguous search terms included Hiroshima, peace, and documents. On the basis of these results, the main users of the Hiroshima University archives website are teachers and staff of Hiroshima University.
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