Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University Volume 6 Issue 2
2007-09-28 発行


The relationship of wishing for a long and healthy life on the life-style and health activities of elderly
Kuroiwa, Sumiko
Moriwaki, Mutsuko
Hayashida, Kenshi
Yamaguchi, Noboru
Purpose: To clarify how the desire for a long and healthy life in the elderly life is related to their life-style and health behavior, the relation of desiring to live a long and healthy life and life-style, subjective factors, health and medical behavior and interest in the municipal health service were examined.

Methods: We conducted a questionnaire survey inviting all residents aged from 60 to 75 years old who lived in M town (n=818) and A town (n=1,753) and who were insured by National Health Insurance, between the middle of July and the middle of November, 2003. We performed χ2- tests (p< 0.05) to analyze the relation between life and other variables. To examine the independent association between potential factors and the wish for a long and healthy life, we carried out logistic regression analyses.

Results: As to the wish for a long and healthy life, the replies“ strongly agree" and“ agree", were pooled as affirmative (1,312 persons, 78.9%), while the replies “less disagree" and “disagree" were treated as negative (350 persons, 21.1%). The affirmative elderly showed odds ratios of 18.9 in maintaining their physical strength, 4.5 in having breakfast and 3.5 in having an idea that a health and physical-strength policy is important. It became clear that the affirmative elderly took more care of life-style and health behavior.

Conclusion: It was suggested that promoting the desire for a long and healthy life was an effective means of community health promotion.
local elderly people
healthy aging