Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University Volume 6 Issue 1
2006-12-28 発行

Mothers' experiences of expressing breast milk for neonates in the NICU : Difference between hand and electric breast pump expression

Nakagomi, Satoko
The purpose of this study was to describe the differences between the experiences of women who obtained breast milk by hand or by using electric breast pumps. Participants were 20 mothers whose babies were in the NICU, they were not able to breastfeed for more than four weeks. Ten mothers used electric breast pumps while 10 mothers expressed by hand. Data were collected by telephone interview. The questionnaire contained areas such as: the existence of fatigue, pain, other difficulties, and their impression or feelings experienced until they started to breastfeed. Data were analyzed descriptively. In both groups, lactation could be maintained until breastfeeding. The percentages of pain and fatigue in the group who expressed by hand were more than that in the group who used electric breast pumps. Mothers who expressed by hand felt difficulty with the expression process. Mothers who used electric breast pumps did not.
expressing breast milk
electric breast pump
neonates in the NICU