Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University Volume 6 Issue 1
2006-12-28 発行


The relationships between the ostomates' acceptance of ostomy and their self-care situations and related factors
Soejima, Satoko
Nakano, Masumi
The purpose of this study was to obtain implications of nursing techniques designed to establish the ostomate's self-care related to stoma and promote acceptance of ostomy by examining the factors influencing the acceptance. We administered self-reported questionnaires to 84 ostomates and obtained the following results: (1)Some relationship was implied between the degree of self-care autonomy and the acceptance of ostomy; however, no significant relationship was found between the positivity of self-care and its acceptance level. (2)There was a strong indication that acceptance was influenced by their current health status and the fact that the stoma did not have any trouble. (3)Those with support from family members who lived with them, medical professionals and other ostomates, tended to have a higher acceptance level; their acceptance was especially related to emotional support from family members and emotional and informational support from the ostomates. (4)It was implied that preventing stoma trouble by providing self-care guidance, as well as making effective use of emotional and informational support from the family and ostomates, would help enhance acceptance of ostomy.
acceptance of ostomy