Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University
Volume 5
Issue 2
Date of Issue:2006
current number
ISSN : 1347-7323
Publisher : 広島大学保健学出版会
A study on the elderly in the community: the relationships among lifestyle, the degree of depression and characteristics of personality
Morikawa, Chizuko; Kakehashi, Masayuki;
PP. 53 - 61
The relationship between life expectancy and indexes of socioeconomy and nutrition at the prefectural level
Gao, Junke; Kakehashi, Masayuki;
PP. 62 - 69
Effects of using the computer-based training program, DAAGS, on the ability of students to assess periodontal health status in a program for school nurses
Kajiwara, Kyoko; Kawamura, Makoto; Tsushima, Hiroe; Tanaka, Yoshito;
PP. 70 - 76