Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University
Volume 4
Issue 1
Date of Issue:2004-12-17
current number
ISSN : 1347-7323
Publisher : 広島大学保健学出版会
Therapeutic interpretation for rehabilitation intervention in apraxic disorders from the view of cognitive theory
Miyaguchi, Hideki;
PP. 6 - 13
Study on the effect of mouth-guards on muscle strength
Inamizu, Tsutomu;
PP. 14 - 19
Comparison of flexion and extension protocol for testing knee joint position sense
Tanaka, Kosuke; Urabe, Yukio; Ochi, Mitsuo; Ueda, Kazuyuki;
PP. 20 - 26
Comparison of the effects of sustained contractions in different positions of the upper extremity and different degrees of resistance by pinch on the active range of motion
Arai, Mitsuo; Shimizu, Hajime;
PP. 27 - 34
Features of the Dubowitz neurologic examination of preterm infants : Comparison with neonatal encephalopathy infants
Karasuyama, Aki; Kawamura, Mitsutoshi; Yamazaki, Takemi; Hukuhara, Rie; Nara, Isao;
PP. 35 - 40
Crabtree, Jeffrey L.;
PP. 41 - 46