Journal of health sciences, Hiroshima University Volume 3 Issue 1
2003-11-28 発行


Reliability and validity of a screening questionnaire for child abuse potential risk by mother's parenting
Hanada, Hiroko
Konishi, Michiko
The purpose of this study is to examine the reliability and validity of questions given to mothers about parental attitudes which signal an underlying risk of abuse. From viewpoint of child abuse prevention and child care support, I developed an auxiliary questionnaire aimed at screening mothers whose parental attitudes directly might give rise to psychological resistance and false answers, so the questions were positively worded to measure the appropriateness of responds' attitudes on a scale of 1 though 5. Results from 407 mothes(mean=34.81, SD=4.19) and three main caregivers (range50-56) who have 3-6 yearoldkindergarteners(mean=34.66, SD=3.82) were analyzed. From 15 items, a factors. 1. “Rearing attitudes that do not depend on power" 2. “ Rearing attitudes which engender a feeling of self= esteem" 3. “ Rearing attitudes which teach control of desire". The overall internal consistency of items, as reflected in Crobach's α, was 0.8018. For factors 1, 2 and 3 the values ofα were 0.7989, 0.7174 and 0.8061, respectively. The questionnaire items based on these 3 factors measure the risk of abuse. Though they do not correspond directly with the classification of abuse, the questionnaire items based on these 3 factors. Related to physical abuse and psychological abuse could be used as an auxiliary questionnaire to measure parental attitudes showing a maltreatment potential.
child abuse potential risk
mothers parenting