Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 8 Issue 2
1969-12-30 発行

加水分解液のTri Octylamine脱酸

Deacidification of hydrolysis solution by trioctylamine
Hosaka, Hideaki
Ito, Takashi
A few experiments were performed for the purpose of designing the extractor of sulfuric acid from wood hydrolysis solutions.

Ion exchange equilibrium of sulfuric acid between wood hydrolysis solution and kerasin solution of trioctylamine (5%, 10%,20%, 40%) were almost quantitative.

After plotting the logarithmic of deacidification ratio and equivalence value of trioctylamine on graph paper, it was found that they were almost on a straight line. This experiment was carried out on the test plant of the counter current.

The flooding on the counter current was caused in the region of the flow rate between 23.8 meters and 17. 49 meters a hour. The maximum flow rate evaluated by Johnson's equation was 20. 7 meters a hour. Both results agreed very well. and the best conditional flow rate was 11.4 meters a hour.

The cause of amine loss on the amine recovery was examined by dispertion analysis. And in the analysis of eleven factors, amine concentration showed to be the direct cause. If we compute the results of this experiment under the best conditions, the conclution shows that the amine loss was only 0.0045% per amine in 40% trioctylamine.

The recovery of amine by ammonia was experimented by test plant; the centrifugal effect and retention time were decided.