Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 7 Issue 2
1968-09-30 発行

Studies on deep-freezing preservation of chicken semen : II. On the progeny test by making use of freezing fowl semen

鶏精液の凍結保存に関する研究 : II. 凍結精液による後代検定
Watanabe, Moriyuki
Irie, Kazumasa
Sakabe, Takashi
The present experiments have examined the general properties of semen produced by the cock hatched from the deep-freezing semen stored for three months at -79°C. The cock was mated with four White Leghorn hens to examine the fertility, hatchability of the eggs produced by the hens. Further the abnormalities, sex ratio and growing conditions of chicks hatched from their fertilized eggs were studied in order to inquire into the progeny test. The results can be summarized as follows;

1. The amount of semen at one operation was 0.13 ± 0.06 ml average.
2. Semen concentration per 1 mm3 was 4.12 ± 1.22 millions average and the total number of spermatozoa per ejaculation was 0.543 ± 0.310 billions average.
3. pH-value of the semen was 7.18±0.19 on the average.
4. The percentages of abnormal spermatozoa in the semen was 11.0 ± 6.3 on the average.
5. The fertility and hatchability of the eggs produced by crossing between the cock hatched from the deep-freezing semen stored for three months at -79°C and the four White Leghorn hens were respectively 78.8 percent and 53.9 percent on the average during two weeks after mating.
6. Sex ratio in the present experiments showed 8 ♂♂ : 6 ♀♀, or emerged with 57.1 percent males among 14 chicks. Male seems to be slightly in evidence in the ratio of sexes.
7. Live weight of a-day-old chicks was 43.03 ± 1.82 g on the average and about 16 percent heavier than that of a normal one day old White Leghorn chick before.
8. The progenies gained by the present experiments showed a very active behavior and no abnormality compared to chicks hatched from normal nest eggs.