Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 7 Issue 1
1967-07-31 発行

Comparative bservations on the distribution of fluorescent pigments (porphyrins) in the egg-coverings of chickens and quail

Tamura, Tatsudo
Fujii, Shunsaku
The distribution of fluorescent pigments in the coverings of the Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn and quail eggs were morphologically examined.

Fluorescences and coloration were observed in the cuticles and shells of these eggs. The strength of fluorescences was in parallel with the depth of colorations. The pigmentation was conspicuous in the quail eggs, moderate in the Rhode Island Red eggs and scarce in the White Leghorn eggs.

Differences in the modes of pigmentation were observed according to the eggs of the different kinds of birds; as to the quail eggs, it was more prominent in the cuticle than in the shell, as to the Rhode Island Red eggs, almost the same and medial in the above both, and as to the White Leghorn eggs, scarce in the above both.

Pigmentation of the shell-membranes was not clearly observed. It was concluded that, porphyrin pigments characterized by red fluorescences were distributed, at least, in the shells and cuticles of these eggs.