Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 5 Issue 2
1964-12-20 発行

35SによるアサクサノリPorphyra tenera及びアオサUlva pertusaの硫黄の吸収に関する研究

Studies on the sulfur uptake by porphyra tenera and ulva pertusa, using 35S
Sato, Shiro
Ito, Keiji
Matsumoto, Fumio
The time-course of sulfur uptake and transferring to the fronds of Ulva pertusa was investigated, by means of culturing for I, 6, 12, 24 and 48 hours in the media added 35S04 • Distribution of sulfur and 35S-actiyity in the fronds were looked over from the fractions separated under the procedure of Text-fig. I.

And also the sulfur uptake of Porphya tenera and of Ulva pertusa were compared, after the culturing for 48 hours with 35SO4 •

The results are as follows.

(1) 35S was taken rapidly into each fraction from the outset by Ulva pertusa and poised after 48 hours (see Table 1).
(2) However, in the 80% ethanol soluble fraction, 35S-activity increased slowly at the beginning of culture, but after 24 hours, became faster.
(3) Making a comparison between Porphyra tenera and Ulva pertusa, a good deal of 35S was taken up into the 80 % ethanol insoluble fractions of both, on the contrary, less activity was found in the 80 % ethanol soluble fraction of Porphyra tenera than Ulva pert usa (see Table 2).
(4) In the latter fractions, there were found sulfonyl amino compounds such as taurine, cysteinolic acid or cysteic acid in either Porphyra tenera or Ulva pertusa. It is probable that 35 S-activity exists in these compounds.