Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 17 Issue 1
1978-08-10 発行

海水のサルモネラ汚染ならびに汚染指標菌に関する研究 : II. 無菌海水中におけるサルモネラの消長

On the Contamination of Sea Water with Salmonella and Fecal Indicator Organisms : II. Changes of Salmonella in Natural and Aseptic Sea Water
Kawakami, Hideyuki
Hashimoto, Hideo
Sawai, Yoshiko
For the observation of behavior of Salmonella in sea water, the survivability of Salmonella inoculated in natural or aseptic sea water was examined.
1. In natural sea water, both S. anatum and S. thompson survived at the rate of 10C, 20C and 30C.
2. In sea water filtrated by a millipore filter, the temperature dependences of Salmonella were indefinite, and their survival periods were shorter than in natural sea water.
3. When some S. thompson (less 10 cells per ml.) has been inoculated into autoclaved sea water, their number decreased first and then increased gradually.
4. At this time, when the sea water was kept at 20C and 30C, the rate of multiplication of S. thompson mixed with E. coli was lower than that in the case of S. thompson alone.
5. The survivability of Salmonella in sea water depended considerably on the temperature.