Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 14 Issue 1
1975-08-30 発行

脂質のリオトロピック液晶の光学的研究 : I. モノグリセライド-水系

Optical Studies of Lyotropic Mesophases in Lipids : I. Monoglyceride-Water System
Sato, Kiyotaka
Tamura, Yoshiaki
Okada, Masakazu
The lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of the monopalmitin-H2O system have been investigated by means of a polarizing microscope.

As a result, the three stable phases of the monoglyceried-H2O system were observed, as being respectively the neat phase, the reversed middle phase and the viscous isotropic phase. It is concluded that the phase transitions both from the viscous isotropic phase to the neat phase and from the viscous isotropic phase to the reversed middle phase are reversible processes. This is contrary to Wilton et al's result for the phase diagram of the monostearin-H2O system.

The patterns of the lyotropic liquid crystal growth were observed in relation to those of the smectic liquid crystal. Their growth mechanism is discussed too.