Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 14 Issue 1
1975-08-30 発行

Studies on Carotenoprotein and Carotenoids of some Micronektonic Crustaceans caught in Sagami and Suruga Bays

Nakagawa, Heisuke
Kayama, Mitsu
Thin-layer chromatographic procedure using silicagel was employed for the examination of the carotenoids of five species of crustacean. The carotenoids were separated in about 10 components in all species analyzed on a thin-layer plate. Besides astaxanthin and its esters, several xanthophylls were also detected. The small amounts of carotenoid-containing protein were obtained from the exoskeleton of Acanthephyra quadrispinosa and Sergestes prehensilis. It seems likely that the pigmented protein has more biochemical than pigmentary significance.
This research was partly supported by the Scientific Research Fund from the Ministry of Education, Japan.