Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 12 Issue 1
1973-06-30 発行


The Marine Fishes from the Estuary of the Ashida River
Kakuda, Shunpei
A study was carried out to clarify the fish-fauna at the estuary of the Asida River in the central part of the Seto Inland Sea. Marine fishes were collected, using of the two masu-ami (a kind of pound net), from the investigated area every month from May, 1971 through April, '72. In this paper, 37 species belonging to 28 families of marine fishes collected in the estuary of the Asida River, are described with their scientific name as well as their Japanese common name, and the season of their appearance in this zone. On the basis of seasonal occurrence and abundance, the fishes caught in great number by the masu-ami can he grouped into the following two categories: (a) Steady year-around "residents" consisting mostly of adult Konosirus punctatus, Harengula zunasi, Leiognathus nuchalis, Apogon lineatus, Acanthogobius flavimanus. (b) Temporary "visitors" mostly immature Lateolabrax japonicus, Argyrosomus argentatus, Fugu xanthopterus, Limanda yokohamae, Kareius bicoloralus.