Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 12 Issue 1
1973-06-30 発行

Studies on Yolk Formation in Hen's Eggs : I. Light and Scanning Electron Microscopy of the Structure of Yolk Spheres

ニワトリの卵黄形成に関する研究 : I. 卵黄球の光顕と走査電子鏡検
Fujii, Shunsaku
Tamura, Tatsudo
Okamoto, Toshikazu
The structure of yolk spheres of hen yolk was observed in state of suspension of raw and fixed materials under the light and the scanning electron microscope. The yolk spheres were composed of yellow and white yolk spheres. Their structural features were discussed on the basis of figures obtained by both types of microscopy. The surface of yolk spheres seemed to be enclosed in a wall made of certain homogeneous structures. In stored eggs, the appearance of yolk spheres changed distinctly. These morphological changes were considered to have been induced by osmotic changes of the yolk.