Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 11 Issue 1
1972-07-31 発行

Eating Behavior of Chicks to 4 Weeks of Age

Asahida, Yasushi
Mimura, Ko
1. A group of 3 chicks were reared from 0 to 4 weeks of age in a brooder with food available ad libitum and their eating behavior during 10-hour days was observed.

2. Between 10 and 32 days of age chicks used 50-60% of a 10-hour day eating, while those at 3 and 4 days of age did use only 33% and 42%, respectively. The daily mean rate of eating, expressed as gram food per minute, increased with the progress of age in weeks.

3. The diurnal rhythm in the eating activity agreed with the previous reports. The food intake followed an overall pattern similar to their respective eating activities.

4. The older the chicks, the higher the rate of eating attained in the late afternoon.

5. After 2 weeks of age, the heavier the chicks, the lesser the time spent for eating.