Journal of the Faculty of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Hiroshima University Volume 1 Issue 3
1957-12-25 発行

An improved technique of the artificial insemination in ducks

Watanabe, Moriyuki
1) An improved technique of artificial insemination m ducks has been described in comparison with the manual method previously reported.
2) Semen of the drake could be collected momentarily with a striking readiness by intermittent turning 30 volts and 0.06-0.08 amperes of an alternating current. It is more advantageous than the massage method in which the psychological response of the bird is a prevailing factor.
3) For injection of semen, the application of a special speculum and a glass-pipette made the manipulation exceedingly easy. There is no more worry of infection and injuries to the female genital tract.
4) In view of the fertility of semen, no difference was found between the electric stimulation and the massage, in both the methods the relative fecundity being about 85-86%.
5) The technique above described is, therefore, practically more applicable for the duck-raising industry.