Journal of the Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University Volume 29 Issue 2
1990-12 発行


Studies on Microwave Heated Drying-rate Equations of Foods
Lu, Liang Tong
Kubota, Kiyoshi
Okazaki, Takashi
Yamashita, Yousuke
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In order to design various microwave heated drying apparatuses, we must take drying-rate equations which are based on simple drying-rate models. In a previous paper (KUBOTA, et al., 1990), we have studied a convenient microwave heated drying instrument, and studied the simple drying-rate equations of potato and so on by using the simple empirical rate equations that have been reported in previous papers (KUBOTA, 1979-1, 1979-2). In this paper, we studied the microwave drying rate of the constant rate period for the various experimental conditions, and the drying-rate equations could be determind based on the simple drying models which have constant rate period.