Journal of the Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University Volume 21 Issue 1・2
1982-12 発行

Congrid leptocephali in the western North and Middle Pacific - I : Exterilium Ariosoma-type larvae

北西および中部太平洋におけるアナゴ科魚類の葉形幼生に関する研究-Ⅰ : 外腸をもつAriosoma-type幼生
Mochioka, Noritaka
Kakuda, Shunpei
Tabeta, Osamu
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Ariosoma-type larvae with outer-intestine (exterilium) of the eel family Congridae from the western North and Middle Pacific are described and characterized. Nine types are recorded based on pigmentation, position of last vertical blood vessel at myomere level and number of myomeres. Five types from the western North Pacific and their relationship with the adult are discussed. None has been conclusively identified with the adult. A key is provided to the exterilium Ariosoma-type larvae known from the western North and Middle Pacific. Distribution maps showing capture locations are given for each type.