Journal of the Faculty of Applied Biological Science, Hiroshima University Volume 18 Issue 1
1979-07-16 発行

Determination of the Empirical Rate Equation for the Chemical and Physical Transformations of Foods

Kubota, Kiyoshi
In order to design and automatically control various chemical and physical transforming apparatuses such as chemical reaction, drying, cooking, extracting apparatuses and so on of food materials, it is required to formulate first the best transforming rate equations. Most of the transforming mechanisms of foods can be analyzed, but a theoretical rate equation can not be obtained. In these cases, the empirical formula of rate equation must be used. We investigated the method and the computer programs in order to determine the empirical rate equations. The method and the computer program of the determination of the empirical rate equations shown in this paper are available for the data giving a monotonous smooth curve or a S-shape curve. The program shown in this paper can be used not only for the determination of the empirical rate equation of the various foods, but also for the empirical rate equations of other materials.