Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 9
2021-03-31 発行

孤独な「松井さん」を隠蔽する『白いぼうし』の作品構造 : 『白いぼうし』の複数の読みの存在に着目して

For a Literature Class that Does Not Hide Personal Readings: In the Case of “Shiroi Boshi”
This study focused on how “Shiroi boushi” is handled in the classroom and read at the theory level. It was found that “Shiroi boushi” has two major reading directions. One is the direction of anabolic reading that reads “kindness” in “Shiroi boushi”, and the other is the direction of catabolic reading that reads “loneliness”. These two readings are due to the structure of the work. There are two narrators, a “narrator” who talks about his personal “Matsui” and raises the issue of autism, and a “Narrator” who tries to conceal the problem by making it a fantasy from the perspective of drawing “Matsui”. It is a structure. Due to this structure, the existence of the “narrator” in “Shiroi boushi” is overlooked in the conventional literature class, and the reading that is divided into two directions by the two existences of “narrator” and “Narrator” is left unattended. It is thought that it came.
Literature education
“Shiroi boushi”
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