Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 8
2020-03-31 発行

学問史を取り入れた授業の有効性認知の実態 : 小学校教員養成課程に在籍する大学生を対象として

A Survey of the Recognition of the Effectiveness of Incorporating Academic History in the Classroom
Nakamura, Daiki
In this study, we examined how university students in an elementary school teacher training course perceive the effectiveness of incorporating academic history in classes in each subject (recognition of effectiveness). Based on the results of the questionnaire survey, we found that: 1) the perception of effectiveness is high in national language, music, science, and mathematics (in descending order), while recognition of the effectiveness of incorporating academic history is low in science-related subjects, 2) it is clear that there is only a difference in the perception of effectiveness with respect to the sciences, and 3) through university life, university students have internalized the values that emphasize that knowledge is more important in science. Moreover, based on the results of a regression analysis, a method to increase awareness of the effectiveness of incorporating academic history in each subject class was suggested.
Subject Education
Academic History
Recognition of Effectiveness
Survey of Actual Condition
Bayesian Statistics
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