Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 8
2020-03-31 発行

小学校低学年における学級集団への参画に関する解釈的分析 : 学級活動「話合い活動」での児童の発話に着目して

An Interpretive Analysis of Participation in Class Group in Lower Grades in Elementary School: Focusing on Speech of Students in a “Discussion” Classroom Activity
Yamamoto, Kosuke
Wakamatsu, Misa
Wakamatsu, Akihiko
The current study was conducted on second-graders in elementary school with the goal of performing an interpretive analysis of students’ participation in the class group, focusing on their speeches in the discussion activity. As a result of an analysis of the speech function during six discussion activity sessions, it was proved at first that a collective way of speech was generated from the first session, while being aware of the existence of “others” in the class, and that altruistic speech allowing for specific others’ perspectives began to be generated frequently in the sixth session. As a result of subsequent analysis of the content of the speeches, it was found that students insisted that their opinions were important to resolve problems in relevant speech, whereas they figured out measures for resolving problems, and agreed with such solutions in counter-evidence/sharing type speech. It was inferred that interpretive analysis of speeches during the discussion activity may lead to the clarification of specific students’ behaviors while trying to participate in classroom activities, resulting in a contribution to progress in the analytic study of speech in the classroom (Mercer, 2010).
この研究は,日本学術振興会科学研究費助成事業基盤研究(C)課題番号18K02758 : 多様性に富む共生社会構築に向けた小学校用「多様性把握シート」の作成と活用(代表 若松昭彦)によって行われた。
Elementary School
Classroom Activities
Participation in Class Group
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