Journal of elementary education and curriculum
Issue 8
Date of Issue:2020-03-31
current number
ISSN : 2187-6800
Publisher : The Society of Elementary Education and Curriculum
Research Article
Re-examination of Social Studies Lesson Planning Based on Modern Democracy Theory: From the Perspective of “Participation” and “Contestation” in Robert Alan Dahl’s “Polyarchy”
Kamino, Yukitaka;
PP. 1 - 10
The Development of an Elementary School Social Studies Lesson to focus on the Commercialization of Science: The Case of “Facing Minamata Disease” for 5th Graders
Kikkawa, Shuji;
PP. 11 - 24
Ways of Thinking and Planning of Questions to Encourage Deep Learning in the Reading Class in the Elementary School Japanese Language Course: Focusing on the Use of Picture Books by the Same Author
Hoso, Keiko;
PP. 25 - 36
Changes in Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers’ Awareness of “Teacher Talk”
Matsumiya, Nagako; Hatai, Rie;
PP. 37 - 48
Characteristics of Interaction Between Teachers and Children in the First Term of Elementary School Classes: Focusing on the Differences in Goals that Teachers Emphasize in Japanese Language and Mathematics Classes
Mori, Michiyo; Kuramori, Mihoko; Ohta, Naoki;
PP. 49 - 60
Practical Research
An Interpretive Analysis of Participation in Class Group in Lower Grades in Elementary School: Focusing on Speech of Students in a “Discussion” Classroom Activity
Yamamoto, Kosuke; Wakamatsu, Misa; Wakamatsu, Akihiko;
PP. 61 - 70
Research Note
A Survey of the Recognition of the Effectiveness of Incorporating Academic History in the Classroom
Nakamura, Daiki;
PP. 71 - 78
Miyasato, Tomoe; 中野 敦夫; Okada, Ryosuke; 岡田 博元; Yamauchi, Noritsugu;
PP. 79 - 84