Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 7
2019-03-31 発行

美術教育におけるモダンテクニックの特性 : 小学生を対象にしたワークショップの実践から子どもの表現の展開に着目して

Characteristics of Modern Techniques in Art Education: Exploring the development of children’s expression through a workshop for elementary school students
Komuro, Akihisa
Kasahara, Koichi
Modern techniques in art education are used for training not only elementary school students but also students of a wide variety of ages. In this research project, we examined the development of expression in children by reviewing the characteristics and issues related to modern techniques in art education, organizing an actual workshop using these techniques in an outreach program at the University, and linking an activity involving modern technique-based emergence to art expression in children. Modern techniques used in the workshop included streamers, stamping, decalcomania, and spattering, which were then incorporated into collages to form animals. During this activity, colors and shapes created via the effects of these modern techniques were used as elements in the creation of the animals and contributed to the artists’ ideas on how to create their animals. Our observations suggest that the effects of each modern technique contributed to increased expressive potential on the part of the children in creating their animals.
Modern Techniques
Art Education
Art Expression
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