Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 7
2019-03-31 発行

小中学校での社会的発達に関する研究 : 児童生徒への質問紙実施と教員によるエピソード記録を通して

Social Development of Children in Elementary and Junior High-School: An Assessment Based on Questionnaires and Episode Recordings by Teachers
Wakamatsu, Misa
In this study, we asked home room teachers to record episodes, as a form of objective recording. Teachers recorded episodes of 73 students, selected based on questionnaire results regarding student nature and ability that we conducted on students in a Junior High-School, as well as 33 first and second grade elementary students selected by the homeroom teachers. We considered the students’ social development from three perspectives: their self-esteem, their subjectivity and activeness, and their cooperation of labor. We confirmed that in the second survey, self-evaluation was significantly higher than in the first one. Additionally, episode recordings revealed specific aspects of the social development of the students, especially when they were furthering their learning through meaningful activities with meaningful individuals. The insights gained through this study contribute to the development of psychological studies of social development, nature, and abilities of young students.
Elementary School
Junior High-School
Social Development
Episode Recording
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