Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 7
2019-03-31 発行

小学校音楽科におけるプログラミング教育のあり方の検討 : 授業実践事例を手がかりに

Use of Programming within the Music Departments of Elementary Schools: From Theory to Practice
Nagayama, Hiroshi
From 2020, programming education will be enforced at elementary school level. In programming education at elementary school, it is important to reflect the characteristics of each subject’s curriculum. Herein, the focus is on the potential of programming and computational thinking within the music departments of elementary schools. Firstly, it is essential to collate past practical cases from books and websites. Next, while referring to these activities, it is important to consider the learning processes relevant to music education that can be taught by “running a computer”, as outlined by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It is clear that programming activities will need to be developed through trial and error to fulfill their role of expression in the music departments. In addition, the use of a computer in music lessons needs to be explicitly defined to be effective. In the future, it will be a worthwhile to develop programming applications in the domain of appreciation of music.
Elementary School
Programming Education
Computational Thinking
Music Appreciation
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