Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 6
2018-03-31 発行

小中学生における資質・能力と学校適応の関連と発達的変化 : 「主体性・積極性」「自尊心」「協働する力」の因子に焦点を当てて

Correlation Between the Qualities and Abilities and their Adaptability to School, and Developmental Changes as Seen in Elementary and Junior High School Children: Focusing on the Factors, “Subjectivity and Activeness,” “Pride,” and “Cooperation in Labor”
Wakamatsu, Misa
This study considers the diverse aspects of the correlation between outcomes of the survey, “Qualities and Abilities Questionnaire” (Wakamatsu, Hiyaoka , 2017) covering qualities such as “subjectivity and activeness,” “pride,” and “cooperation in labor,” conducted among 1,775 students from 3rd grade in elementary school to 3rd year in junior high school, and their ability to adapt to school. The study also analyzed the quantitative differences seen among the qualities and abilities of the different grades. Firstly, multiple regression analysis showed that the standard partial regression coefficient β was significant for “pride” and “cooperation in labor,” showing slight positive influence to adaptability to school. Secondly, the analysis of variance on grade (7) x subscale (3) showed that the quantitative difference in qualities and abilities depending on the advancement of grades are different among “subjectivity and activeness,” “pride,” and “cooperation in labor.” Nurturing these qualities and abilities will result in improving the skills that will become the foundation for the students’life-long social life, and there is need for further consideration of changes that occur according to advancement of grades.
elementary and junior high school children
qualities and abilities
adaptability to school
developmental changes
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