Journal of elementary education and curriculum
Issue 6
Date of Issue:2018-03-31
current number
ISSN : 2187-6800
Publisher : The Society of Elementary Education and Curriculum
Research Article
Developing Inference and Reasoning Using Science Textbooks for Elementary School: A Case Study Focused on the Unit‘Chemical Properties of Aqueous Solutions’ in Sixth Grade Science
Utsumi, Yukinori;
PP. 1 - 16
A Study of Curriculum Content and Assessment in Competency-based Curriculum: Lessons From the CBE Social Studies Program in Ohio
Oda, Yasuji;
PP. 17 - 29
Development of Lesson Focused on Tax in Political Learning for Elementary School.
Kamino, Yukitaka;
PP. 31 - 40
Research on Teacher’s Role in “Living Environment Study” Lesson Design and Its Practice: A Case Study of a Teacher’s Gatekeeping on the Unit “Village Explore”
Kim, Jongsung; Kawahara, Kosuke;
PP. 41 - 50
Teaching Materials for Primary School Japanese Language Education in a Time of “the Ability to Think, Judge and Express”: Critical Reading Theory in Japanese Language Education
Sawaguchi, Tetsuya;
PP. 51 - 62
Correlation Between the Qualities and Abilities and their Adaptability to School, and Developmental Changes as Seen in Elementary and Junior High School Children: Focusing on the Factors, “Subjectivity and Activeness,” “Pride,” and “Cooperation in Labor”
Wakamatsu, Misa; Wakamatsu, Akihiko; Takahashi, Hitoshi;
PP. 63 - 75
Practical Research
Developing Critical Thinking and the Ability to Think from Multiple Perspectives Using Class Discussion Activities about Controversial Social Issues
Omura, Ryotaro;
PP. 77 - 87
Research on Japanese language class at Elementary school to Encourage “Child’s Logic”: Focusing on Focusing on “What is expressed” and “What is not expressed”
Haruki, Yu;
PP. 89 - 103
A Study on Tactical Knowledge Acquisition among Fourth Grade Students in a Physical Education Class: Focusing on the Offensive Guard in Flag Football
Yokura, Junya; Kihara, Seiichiro; Sakata, Kohei;
PP. 105 - 114
今関 豊一; Hondo, Aoi; Ishii, Nobutaka; Suzuki, Yumiko;
PP. 115 - 139