Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 5
2017-03-31 発行

器械運動における児童の運動技能に関する研究 : 下位教材と上位教材の関係に着目して <実践論文>

Research into Pupils' Movement Skills on Gymnastics Apparatus: Focusing on the Relationship Between Sub-Teaching Material and Supra-Teaching Material <Practical Research>
Sueyoshi, Tomoki
The purpose of this research is to identify relationship between movement skills teaching materials through the teaching of a neckspring by setting an "antenna bridge" as the sub-teaching material and "forward roll and antenna bridge" as the supra-teaching material. This would help to identify how sub-teaching and supra-teaching materials are related to the effective teaching of Physical Education. The research on the relationship between the "antenna bridge" and the "forward roll and antenna bridge" indicated that the achievement of the "antenna bridge" may be followed by the achievement of the "forward roll and antenna bridge." This indicates that the teaching materials should be correlated when the "antenna bridge" and "forward roll and antenna bridge" are taught. Some pupils' performance implied that even students who had not achieved the "antenna bridge" may become able to do the "forward roll and antenna bridge," the supra-teaching material, by learning how to spring with the teacher's assistance.
apparatus gymnastics
movement skill
sub-teaching material
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