Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 5
2017-03-31 発行

小中学校における資質・能力質問紙の開発と評価 <研究論文>

The Development and Assessment on the Qualities and Abilities Questionnaire in Elementary and Junior High School <Research Article>
Hiyaoka, Tomiko
Haraoka, Masumi
Shinagawa, Mihoko
The present study aimed to develop a questionnaire concerning the "qualities and abilities that should be promoted," in terms of subjectivity, diversity, cooperation of labor, willingness to learn, and human nature, which will be important aspects of the next revision of the course of study; to conduct the questionnaire among children in elementary and junior high schools; and to examine its utility at these schools. When the questionnaire was developed, the author conferred repeatedly with the principal of the elementary school and with teachers, and the question items collected from previous works, etc., were selected. To identify the "qualities and abilities" multilaterally, the questionnaire was conducted with approximately 1600 children alongside a "sociality and affect" questionnaire (Tanaka, Sanai, Tsuda, and Tanaka, 2011 ). As a result, factors such as "subjectivity and activeness," "pride," and "cooperation of labor" could be related to "qualities and abilities that should be promoted." An analysis of findings in terms of the diversity of the children, the school as a whole, and the junior high school district was conducted by using the results in relation to the demands of each school, leading to an appropriate understanding of the children, clarification of the results of the teachers' approach, and the problems in each school. These findings suggest that this "qualities and abilities" questionnaire is useful.
elementary and junior high school
quality and ability
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