Journal of elementary education and curriculum
Issue 5
Date of Issue:2017-03-31
current number
ISSN : 2187-6800
Publisher : The Society of Elementary Education and Curriculum
The Development and Assessment on the Qualities and Abilities Questionnaire in Elementary and Junior High School <Research Article>
Wakamatsu, Akihiko; Hiyaoka, Tomiko; Haraoka, Masumi; Shinagawa, Mihoko; Takahashi, Hitoshi;
PP. 3 - 18
The Development and Characteristics of Teacher Education in Early Life Environment Studies : Practices to Share the Essence of the Subject <Research Article>
Watanabe, Takumi;
PP. 19 - 29
Research into Pupils' Movement Skills on Gymnastics Apparatus: Focusing on the Relationship Between Sub-Teaching Material and Supra-Teaching Material <Practical Research>
Sueyoshi, Tomoki; Oosedo, Kazuki; Nakanishi, Hiroshi;
PP. 31 - 40
Considering Situated Learning in Activities Using John Zorn's Cobra: From the Viewpoint of the Homeroom Teacher <Practical Research>
Terauchi, Daisuke; Tanimoto, Yukimi;
PP. 41 - 56
Development of an Education that Takes Advantage of "Children's Logic" : With the Aid of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy <Practical Research>
Haruki, Yu;
PP. 57 - 67
日本の小学校英語教員養成のための教育実践 <実践論文>
Honda, Katsuhisa; Takeuchi, Takaaki; Matsumiya, Nagako;
PP. 69 - 79
Yanase, Yosuke; Asakura, Atsushi; 本岡 寛; 大津 由紀雄; Nanba, Hirotaka;
PP. 81 - 116