Journal of elementary education and curriculum Issue 4
2016-03-31 発行

小学校教員養成課程学生の調理器具・用語に関する知識の実態 <論文>

The State of Knowledge of Cooking Terminology and Utensils among Elementary School Teacher Trainees <Article>
We conducted a survey to determine the extent of knowledge among elementary school trainee teachers of kitchen utensils and techniques of cutting ingredients. Third-year university students were selected as subjects and asked to provide answers to sets of questions relating to pictures or figures of 15 different cutting techniques and 31 different types of cooking utensil. The respondents consisted of 57 men and 78 women. All the women achieved a higher number of correct answers than did the men regarding the cutting techniques. The study also revealed that the percentage of correct answers was equally high, regardless of sex, for fine slicing, cutting rounds, and cutting quarter-rounds. Among the preparation equipment, the frying pan, the cutting board, the cooking pot, and the cooking knife, which were assumed to be the utensils most commonly owned and used at home, accounted for the highest percentage of correct answers from both men and women. A noticeably low percentage of correct answers was obtained for kitchen devices usually regarded as rarely used or owned at home, such as the strainer or the saucer. We thus infer that the percentage of correct answers with regard to kitchen utensils reflected their domestic ownership and use.
home economics
kitchen utensil
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