Journal of elementary education and curriculum
Issue 3
Date of Issue:2015-03-31
current number
ISSN : 2187-6800
Publisher : The Society of Elementary Education and Curriculum
Request for Teacher Training of Practical Teaching Skills in Inclusive Homemaking Class <Research Article>
Itou, Keiko;
PP. 3 - 11
Global Perspectives and Intercultural Competence in Elementary School Teacher Education : A Comparative Study of Finland and Japan <Research Article>
Uematsu, Kiyoko; Nagata, Tadamichi;
PP. 13 - 22
Reconsideration of the Learning Process in Singing : In Reference to the Field Survey of Tsuangmo Singing in Bhutan <Research Article>
Gondo, Atsuko; Ino, Yoshihiro; Kuroda, Kiyoko; Wangchuk, Pema;
PP. 23 - 35
Way of Succeeding the Outcome of “Independent Reading" : The Consideration of Result and the Problem <Research Article>
Nakamura, Toru;
PP. 37 - 48
The Possibility of Developing the “Image-Folklor” to the Language Arts : A Practical Lesson of Haiku by ‘Pedagogical Association for Children’s Linguistic Ecology' as an Example <Research Article>
Hata, Kyoko;
PP. 49 - 60
A Study of Collaborative Learning Support with Parents on Home Economics in Elementary school : A Case of Nutrition Education Using Supporting Tools <Research Article>
Yamamoto, Nami; Itou, Keiko; Yamaguchi, Satoshi; Ishida, Hiroko;
PP. 61 - 67
The Potential of“Exhibition of Performance”in Schools : A Trial Use of Performance Videos Utilizing Augmented Reality(AR) <Practical Research>
Kato, Sayoko; Myodo, Haruna; Terauchi, Daisuke;
PP. 69 - 78
Analysis of Awareness on Movement in Rhythmic Dance : Focusing on the Movement of the Trunk Observed by Children <Practical Research>
Kawai, Ayaka; Oosedo, Kazuki; Yuasa, Rie; Takata, Yasufumi;
PP. 79 - 86
広島大学大学院教育学研究科初等カリキュラム開発講座 ;
PP. 87 - 87
PP. 88 - 88
広島大学大学院教育学研究科初等カリキュラム開発講座 ;
PP. 89 - 94