Journal of elementary education and curriculum
Issue 10
Date of Issue:2022-03-31
current number
ISSN : 2187-6800
Publisher : The Society of Elementary Education and Curriculum
Research Article
Structural Issues of Difficulties in Understanding Measurements Through Textbooks: Through Quantitative Linguistic Analysis
KAMIMOTO, Yuichi; FUKUDA, Hiroto;
PP. 1 - 11
Development of Elementary School Political Learning That Incorporates the Perspective of Risk Communication: The Case of “Facing COVID-19” for 6th Graders
KIKKAWA, Shuji ;
PP. 13 - 26
Shifts in Viewpoints and Acquisition of Skills by Pupils in Rhythmic Dance Classes: Focusing on the Learning Process of Lower Grade Elementary School Students in Rhythmic Play Classes
Yuasa, Rie;
PP. 27 - 37
A consideration of Inquiry-Based Processes Through A/r/tography for a Student With Intellectual Disability: A Special Needs Elementary Art Class
YOKOYAMA, Yuki; Ikeda, Satoshi; Wakamatsu, Akihiko;
PP. 39 - 48
A Study on the Practice and Evaluation of Artistic Inquiry in Arts and Crafts From an Arts-Based Research Perspective
WAKUI, Tomohiro;
PP. 49 - 58
Changes in Recent Kindergarten Children’s Interactions With Others: Focusing on the Verbal and Non-Verbal Expressions of Morning Preparation
PP. 59 - 68
Practical Research
Requirements for Conducting Lessons to Read Descriptive Texts Independently: Using Flow Theory as a Clue
PP. 69 - 79
Analysis and Consideration of Children’s Learning Hidden Outside the Teacher’s Intention: A Review of “Story-Type CM Production Practice” in the Sixth Grade of Elementary School
YAMADA, Miyuki;
PP. 81 - 90
Practical Note
Children’s “Words” and the Process of Expression Within Arts and Crafts: A Study of Classroom Practice Focusing on Color Making and Naming Acts
IKEDA, Seisuke;
PP. 91 - 100
A Reinterpretation and Modification of the Music-Making Activity in “Stage”: Aiming for Use as Learning Material for Programming Education
Terauchi, Daisuke;
PP. 101 - 110
落 晃子; 小柳 和喜雄; 豊福 晋平; 中井 俊之; 永田 裕二 ;
PP. 111 - 115