Hiroshima Papers on Society and Culture
Issue 15
Date of Issue:2018-03-31
current number
ISSN : 0915-9614
Publisher : The Guraduate School of Integreated Arts and Sciences of Hiroshima Univercity, Hiroshima, JAPAN
Securing Forest Resources and Mobility of Forest Workers in Modern Japan: Focusing on the Regional Characteristics of Migrant Workers
Fukuda, Satoshi;
PP. 1 - 42
Reseach Note
Settlement Promotion Policies in Depopulated Areas: A case study of Osaki Kamijima Town in Hiroshima Prefecture
Torikama, Hiroyuki; Takeuchi, Yosuke; Sasaki, Hiroshi;
PP. 43 - 70
Reseach Report
A Bibliographic Survey on an Eminent Physicist, Ayao Kuwaki
Harada, Masahiro;
PP. 71 - 93